The Tower of Hercules was built by Romans more than 2.000 years ago. It’s the oldest lighthouse still working in the world and the symbol of La Coruna.

It was listed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 2009. It also includes the sculpture park surrounding the tower. It is an open-air museum. The sculptures are distributed in the green space surrounding the Roman lighthouse over 47 hectares.

We will visit these sculptures: Artabros – Ara Solis – Charon – Breogan – The Doors of Hercules – Compass Card – The Horn – Portrait of King Charles III – Ara Solis – Menhirs – Tower of Hercules (ticket not included).

Meeting point: Tourist Information Office

Flexible schedules

Duration: Walks are aprox. 2 hours long

Guided Tour Fares:

1 to 10 people: 60€

11 to 20 people: 70€

For 21 people and up: 80€

We don’t ask for money in advance. You pay at the end of the tour and just if you have enjoyed it 😊


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