Come face to face with La Coruna’s past and present through a selection of stories, anecdotes and testimonies of its bygone days. The walk focuses on the cultural life and development of the town, as well as on its historical landmarks. You will also receive valuable time saving suggestions on what to do, where to go and how to get there, in and around La Coruna.

Besides the walking tour, we can also arrange outings during your stay: you could enjoy “pulpo con cachelos” and the best Gallego seafood in Maria Pita Square or a coffee among La Marina terrazas while sightseeing cruises depart from the waterfront. You can go shopping in the best boutiques of Calle Real, visit the Archaelogical Museum in St Anton’s Castle or the current exhibitions on Fundación Barrie, admire the architecture of the Church of Santiago, climb the stairs to the top of the Tower of Hercules and visit the open-air sculpture museum in its surroundings….

The city’s moto is: “La Coruna, the city where no one is a stranger“. And, so we hope, that you find yourselves here as if you were at home.”